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About Cultural

 The college hosts various cultural activities every year to provide an opportunity to the students to display their talents. Cultural activities are a great way for the students to build their skills and to meet new people who share the same interest.

        Youth of today, look for a balance between academics and an all-round experience of vibrant active student life. Students are highly interested in expressing themselves, having an exciting campus life, pursuing their hobbies, mingling with people, showcasing their artistic talents.

        Students are highly motivated to nurture their interests, skills, talents in arts, dance, drama, photography, music, performing arts, painting, acting and so on. Cultural activities bring joy, fun, excitement, can act like stress busters, can encourage team spirit, and even provide leadership growth. These cultural activities can also have a more profound impact, for example, dance leads to better fitness, coordination, and flexibility, even better mental functioning. Art can bring joy to self and others help become more creative, help connect with others.

        Cultural activities become a means of self-expression, and can lead to sense of beauty and aesthetics, a sense of fulfillment, feeling of achievement. Cultural activities open up myriad of opportunities for students and play a significant role in strengthening the multifaceted personality of students.

        Cultural Committee arranges following events/competitions every year during celebration of  Vivekananda Saptah as well as throughout the year.


1. Singing - Classical, Light, Folk (Solo & Group).

2. Dance - Classical, Folk, Western (Solo & Group).

3. Instrumental - Tabla, Hormonium,  Veena etc.

4. Mono Action.

5. Miming.

6. Dialogue Delivery.

7. Skit.

8. Mimicry.

9. Traditional Show.

10. Drama.

11. Action - Over Action.

12. Rangoli competitions

       Student prize winners participated in  events conducted by various other institutes.

College also promotes the students to participates in various cultural competitions organized by Cultural department of Shivaji University, Kolhapur under the title of  ‘Yuvak  Mohotsav’ and also organized by other institutions.