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Value Framework

Value Framework

 The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the college works for inculcation of the NAAC Core Values among the stakeholders of the college. The NAAC Core Values are –

 Core Values

 1. Contributing to National Development

 2. Fostering Global Competencies among Students

 3. Inculcating a Value System among Students

 4. Promoting the Use of Technology

 5. Quest for Excellence

 Quality Policy

Uncompromising commitment for transforming lives of rural and deprived masses, providing ICT enabled quality higher education through inculcating research temperament, global citizenship & secular democratic values so as to instill life skills for national development.

 Learning Outcomes

 1. Develop insight in the subject of their studies.

 2. Instill scientific temperament.

 3. Inculcate skills in the areas of their choice.

 4. Improve communicative abilities.

 5. Build confidence.

 6. Develop critical thinking creativity and innovative approach.

 Graduate Attributes

  • A) Attribute for social and economic empowerment 
  •    a) Effective communication skill and development of entrepreneurship skills
  •    b) Multicultural perspective resulting in secular thinking
  •    c) Self-employment of ability
  •    d) Basic understanding management and accounting
  • B) Accept scholastic career and value-oriented challenges
  •    a) Scientific temper and research culture
  •    b) Upgradation of subject knowledge
  • C) Environment and gender sensitization with inclusive and secular outlook
  •    a) Gender equality and social awareness
  •    b) Environmental awareness
  • D) Synergize traditional and modern values
  •    a) Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • E) Able to manage and observe change
  •    a) Team work and Leadership Skills
  • F)Competent to take quick decision and readily employment
  •    a) Innovation in learning process
  •    b) Computer literacy
  •    c) Theory into action

 Teacher Attributes

   1. Excellent Knowledge of the subject taught

   2. Well organized an innovative in teaching

   3. Interactive teaching with communication skills

   4. Unbiased, just, honest, patient, strict and trustworthy

   5. Understanding and respecting students’ divers needs

   6. Encouraging innovative ideas of students in curricular,

   7. co-curricular and extra-curricular

   8. Healthy and cordial relationship with other faculty

   9. Educate students to become employable and better citizens

   10. Zest for transforming the waste land in to the best land